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June 27, 2009

Under the tattoos

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Luke is down to earth, kind, and very appreciative! Underneath all his interesting tattoos, he is one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet. You must meet his family as well! I had the privilege to spend a few hours with his mom Jill and his youngest brother Jonathan. (He also has a younger brother who couldn’t make it to the wedding AND is planning his own wedding in a week!!). Here are a few requested shots of his tattoos..


DSC_2791 c



I love how these colors POP …



DSC_2810 sh

Have a great weekend!


June 26, 2009

Wedding: Kasi + Luke ii

Another priceless shot of a proud dad..


















Luke wanted some shots of his tattoos. Here is one of them.

DSC_2786 d

Happy Friday!!

June 25, 2009

Wedding: Kasi + Luke

 Among his friends and family, Luke is known for his love of extreme sports- snowboarding and wakeboarding and not to mention tattoos. When Kasi met Luke, a Staff Sargeant in the Army, she was his soldier. It wasn’t until Valentine’s Day of 2008, she sent him a TEXT message to meet and ‘just’ talk. THAT talk was the beginning of a beautiful friendship and relationship. Before long, they were inseparable. Luke, even with tattoos and the army tough look, he is a sweetheart inside. He proposed in a fancy restuarant in WA with a ring on a tray of 7 dozens of roses!! YES, she said YES! The rest was history. They married on Sept. 20th and had a renewal of vows at Kasi’s hometown in Ashland, KY this past weekend. In a few weeks, they will be deployed together and YES, they are happy : ) Here are a few images of the day…

DSC_0896 blog



 The girl’s got ready at the PLAZA- The Ashland Plaza Hotel that is and their suite had a gorgeous view of the bright blue and green (Kentucky- Ohio) bridges. 










 On the way to meet the Bride..






 It’s time..


 There’s just something about a Man in Uniform…


 I was so thrilled when Kasi and Luke decided to have their FIRST LOOK prior to the ceremony.




 First look moment..priceless


 The Bride wore a classy white and navy trimmed A- line dress by Alfred Angelo.

DSC_1910 blog

 DSC_1662 b


The Maid of Honor and Bridemaids also wore Alfred Angelo’s long (slim fitting) navy dresses accented with a thin silver belt and bow- truly classy and elegant.



DSC_0983 blog



For more images, click here for slide show 1 and here for slide show 2. Enjoy and all comments welcomed! Thanks for looking!

p.s. Many thanks to Jill for ‘assisting’ me with my bag on that rather sunny afternoon. You are wonderful!

June 22, 2009

O what a weekend!

I’ve had anticipated June 20th for many weeks and it was finally here! I had butterflies all week leading to THE DAY and worse that morning! I hardly slept and was up MUCH early than usual (I’m not a morning person : ) Anyway, it was a BIG day for lucky Bride, Kasi and Groom, Luke who celebrated their renewal of vows in Ashland, Kentucky. I think many prayers went out that Friday with hopes of a clear Staurday and it was indeed. It was beautiful and they chose to share a moment together at the Central Park of Ashland.  Here is a sneak peek of this cute couple.


Check back soon for more images and slide show.

Kasi and Luke: THANK YOU so very much for the great honor to be a part of your special day. I wish both of you a splendid marriage and life together and nothing but the best! LOVE, Chris*

June 15, 2009

Yellow: The New Pink?

It’s everywhere these days. YELLOW = clothes, shoes, accessories, decor, cars, etc. Fashion is embracing the sunny color more than ever and we are using it to brighten our days even more. It isn’t the usual school bus or egg yolk yellow. We love the canary yellows, wildflower yellows, and lemon yellows… I don’t about you but I bought a yellow t-shirt almost 2 years ago and thought to myself, “what was I thinking?” I pulled it out again this summer and WOW..this is such a beautiful color! Plus, it’s no longer a ‘kid’ color… just look at my clients, Julie and Matt in my last post! I’m sure more of this color will be in home accessories, weddings, jewelry, and handbags… What is your yellow ‘accessory’ this season?

These were taken just a stones throw from our front yard. After 2+ weeks of constant rain and sumshine.. walla! A field of wildflowers. I’ve been looking for this patch of yellow wild flowers since spring. Enjoy…








Yellow cake anyone?




Good Monday!!

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