chris cornwell

August 12, 2009

The farmer’s wife

In Lexington last Friday, Catherine and I had an interesting conversation. We were on our way to the Kentucky Horse Park and we passed by several farms- Beautiful farms with black wooden fences, countless cows and other farm animals, barns, etc. You get the picture.. Anyway, here goes our conversation..

Cat:   When I grow up, I’ll marry a farmer.

Chrsi: A farmer? Why?

Cat: I want to live on a farm and have lots of animals.

Chris: So, you want to drive a tractor and work in a farm?

Cat:  NO! That’s the farmer’s job. I’m the farmer’s wife. I feed the animals, play with them and all that.

Chris: How are you going to feed the animals?

Cat: I’ll grow and sell vegetables and fruits. I’ll grow carrots and such for the rabbits, pigs, and horses. I’ll use vegetables, dirt, and water to make ‘slop’. O… I will also have sheep and cats.

Here are a few images from the horse park 🙂

It was almost 90 deg F that day.. so it didn’t smell so good around the stables.







DSC_0549 b


DSC_0578 b


Waiting for her ride…DSC_0695

The best part of the day..








To see more images, click here for slide show.

Mark your calenders for 2010’s WORLD EQUESTRIAN GAMES right here in Lexington’s very own Kentucky Horse Park- the FIRST North American facility ever to host the prestigious event. (Sept. 25 to Oct. 10, 2010)! Tickets will go on sale next month. For more information, visit Have a great day!


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