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September 30, 2009

Running with horses

Cat in horse heaven…

DSC_3813 e

DSC_3817 e

DSC_3818 e

Happy Wednesday!


September 25, 2009

Happy Birthday…

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To our Angel Mary…


Roses are red

Violets are blue

YOU only know how much

We all love you


Your Mom, Dad and big SIS!



September 8, 2009

The Artist

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“Do you really need another bag?”, I said. “Pleeaaaasee?”, Cat said with those sad eyes. Ah huh… I gave in… she was spending her own money anyway. She wanted THIS bag because it was a ‘Just My Style’ bag. Said so ON the package. She spent all night customizing it and of course purple was in it somewhere, together with hot pink, bright yellow, royal blue, and kelly green. Later, she added some bling for added p-zazz. I only hope the colors would stay! Here it is.. the masterpiece!

dsc_2758 b


 Happy Tuesday!!

September 2, 2009

Is this me?

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I’ve seen fascinators in magazines off and on.. but never gave it a second look. Too much? Too girly? Not my thing? Too big? To feathery? Well, I’ve seen it enough to think… Hey! This is kinda hip! Different! Not for every occasion but WHY NOT? I decided to go on a small hunt for an everyday…well a Saturday or Sunday fascinator or something close to one. I’ve searched in stores and online and finally found one that might work on me. (I might have to keep it for a Derby Party or a fancy cocktail)… might even see me with it at my next photo shoot! Here’s a look at it. Try not to laugh. I’m still figuring out my hairdo. I also found a neat website called – A great place to buy (or sell) handmade items, wares, jewelry, etc! Do check it out if you’re looking for something uniquely you!


Photo by Cat : )

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