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October 2, 2009

A Non-Tradition

Seeing each other before the wedding doesn’t bring bad luck (pre-21st century), it brings great photos!!  A whiiiiillle back… way back in the days of pre-arranged marriages (when a marriage was a business deal/ transaction between families), brides and grooms were never allowed to see (even meet) each other before the wedding. This was so the groom wouldn’t have time to back out of the wedding if he happened to find the bride unattractive or unappealing. Over the years, the tradition of the ‘bride in hiding’ changed into a superstition and seeing each other before the wedding was considered ‘bad luck’! Nowadays, this tradition is being kicked to the curb by modern, photo-loving brides and grooms everywhere. The First Look… DSC_1460

 The Bride makes her way to the groom.. DSC_1492

The Groom turns to see her as she’s walking up… DSC_1493 e

 We capture every smile, every tear, every laugh, every kiss. This moment together is often private, quiet and serene. Chances are the ‘first look’ pictures will end up being some of your favorites from the entire day!!


Why consider?

We’ll have more time for amazing NATURAL LIGHT portraits. If you wait until the ceremony to see each other, all the portraits will be after the wedding. This is no problem if you’re doing an early afternoon wedding. Having an extra hour or so before the ceremony for the wedding party and the Bride & Groom portraits when there is still plenty of sunlight makes for great portraits!

Get to your reception quicker! Getting most of your photos done before the ceremony when there’s no rush and nobody waiting for you is 100% less stressful! Plus, you will have more time to enjoy the cocktail hour with all the guests.

Consider TIMELINE-

Create a TIMELINE that reflects a stress free relaxed day! If given very limited time for photographs, we are not always able to work our creativity to the fullest. With adequete time, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable during the picture time and not feel so rushed! YOU deserve a FAB wedding with amazing photographs and we want to give you the BEST, but like anyone we need time to do it! Please let me know if you need  further guidance with your wedding timeline. HAPPY WEEKEND!!


September 1, 2009

Pretty Impressions: Month Long Sale!

YES! A month long sale! This September, go early to Pretty Impressions for the best selections! Everything is 20%- 70% OFF (except 2010 Bridal and evening gowns & Spanx).

 DSC_1474 mocha_1

Tell your friends! Bring them with you! 

OPENING HOURS: 11am- 5pm (Mon- Fri), 11am- 3pm (Sat)

Stay tuned for their Saturday SideWalk Sale, Sept 5th (10am- 5pm)!

Happy September 1st!

August 18, 2009

Ashley: Bridal

Last Friday, we were blessed with a gorgeous evening and beautiful settings. But they were nothing compared to Ms. Ashley herself who manages to WOW us once again with her beauty and poise. She is nothing short of kind and considerate and her friends and family couldn’t agree more. Who could be luckier than her husband Matt?

These images speak for themselves. Her breathtaking ivory, Mori Lee dress….DSC_1244DSC_1260











Click here for slide show. THANKS again Ashley for these images…the camera can only do so much. Much love, Chris c.

Details: Dress (Mori Lee), accesorries, and shoes from Pretty Impressions (606.435.2717).

Special thank you and appreciation to Brenda Noble : )

p.s. I reaaally L-O-V-E comments : ))

August 17, 2009

Glorious light

It was a p-e-r-f-e-c-t day…weather wise. Ashley (now a newlywed) decided to procure herself some beautiful bridal images to cherish for years to come. She was beyond excited and came fully prepared for her close-up. She wanted to recreate her ‘wedding look’ almost to the t and boy did she look radiant! This sneak peek shot was taken just after 8pm and the warm sun was almost setting. It was simply glorious!


Check back soon for more images!

p.s. Ashley… I can’t wait to share the rest of the images with you and Matt. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share the day with you. It was fun! More than excited, Chris

July 31, 2009

What a girl should be


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